Urban Daddy's The Rye Hostess at City Winery

Ash Said It with Maureen Petrosky

Urban Daddy's The Rye Hostess affair at City Winery was the most insightful event this fall. City Winery is huge and has an abundance of rooms. I was unaware of the area designated for this gathering. The staff was so hospitable and eager to accommodate the needs of every guest. This was the perfect setting for our girls only whiskey tasting.

Jack Daniels' Adam Hayes shared history of this world renowned brand. The process that single barrel whiskey goes through is quite fascinating. He discussed how flavors develop, the mash bill, why they use copper and the uniqueness of every barrel. Then it was time try the products.

The first one was the Single Barrel Select. It was 94 proof and very strong. It sent a shock wave through me. After the second sip, it was more tolerable. The flavor was bold. The second sample was the Single Barrel Barrel Proof. I enjoyed this flavor better. It had a sweet spicy characteristic. The last was the Single Barrel Rye. This was the most subtle of all three. The initial sip seemed mild but soon intensified. This was my favorite. I could differentiate the distinct qualities of the three whiskies.

Entertainment expert & Today Show Regular Maureen Petrosky was our 'Rye Hostess'. She showed us various ways to present an amazing ensemble from items in your pantry. From the decor on the tabletops to the pomegranate sangria, everything was themed 'simple'. Far too many times people spend hours trying to entertain guests at their homes and rarely get to step out the kitchen. Maureen showed us recipes and techniques that will save you both time and money.

Maureen incorporated the three whiskies in cocktails, speciality drinks and even cake balls. The partnership between Jack Daniels and Maureen is truly genius. She is a lifestyle expert that seeks to enhance lives. She is doing so through her books and various speaking engagements.

Jack Daniels is the top selling American whiskey in the world for a reason. They are consistently innovating the brand and it shows. A special thank you goes out to Urban Daddy, Jack Daniels and Maureen Petrosky. This was an edifying experience that has opened my mind up a bit more regarding single barrel whiskey. Stay tuned to what they may bring your way next!

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