Wild 'N Out Live - Atlanta

After a decade on television, Wild 'N Out takes center stage across the nation. The popular improv comedy program brought the ultimate fan experience to this show. On October 28, the Wild 'N Out cast gave a full show at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Ga. This venue is one of my favorites so I knew that we were in for an amazing show.

Most of the favorites such as Rip Micheals, Emmanuel Hudson, Chico Beans, Karlous Miller, DJ D-Wrek, Conceited, Hitman Holla and Justina Valentine all took the stage. This epic ensemble was not complete without the man of the hour Nick Cannon. Mr Cannon came out in epic form greeting the crowd as only he could. He gave the brief disclosure that the show was no holds bar. We would see exactly how the segments were played out. Nothing would be cut or censored.

The music makes up an important part of the show. K Camp opened the show with a crowd favorite. This got the fans on their feet and ready for some fun. The Wild 'N Out girls were ready while outfitted in their signature tees and shorts.

The difference between what you see on tv and what you'll see live is big. Television is cut and edited to fill spots. Many segments get dropped because it can't fit in the 30 minute program. This show was as raw and as uncut as it gets. Watching the cast play off of one another was great. They've been doing it so long that it just comes natural.

People came out and flooded the arena in anticipation of this show. Many came out to celebrate birthdays while others just wanted a night out on the town. The cast gave 110% and everyone loved it. There is honestly no show on earth quite like this one. Be sure to look out for the next Wild 'N Out Live show headed to a city near you!


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