Slash from Guns N’ Roses Turns Into A Pumpkin In Amazing Halloween Video

LOS ANGELES, OCT 30 -- Just in time for Halloween, Slash has been immortalized as a pumpkin, and the likeness, let alone the craftsmanship has to be seen to be believed. Seen here, the Slash-o’-lantern, which was created by AXS and professional pumpkin carver John Neill (known as the "Pumpkin Guru"), perfectly captured the lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses iconic look—complete with his famous hat and hair. The process took a total of 16 hours and was created to celebrate Halloween, along with the upcoming concerts on the legendary rock band's tour. The fun, timelapse video turns the hours of work into 60 seconds.

"With the hat, glasses, nose ring and hair, there are few rockers more iconic and it was kick to carve Slash," said Jon Neill, a world-renowned champion carver celebrity seen on Food Network, Snickers Halloween Commercial, Nickelodeon and more. "It wasn't without it's challenges, and it actually ended up being two pumpkins overall — one for his face and one for his hat. But fair to say it was a rockin' likeness, easily one of my favorite of the season to carve."

This video is available on the AXS Facebook page, and is free to share with your readers, with the full embed code below. Carver Jon Neill is also available for interviews, please respond to this email if interested.

In support of upcoming Guns N’ Roses shows at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas and the Staples Center in Los Angeles, this is the second annual pumpkin carving AXS has released, last year celebrating Bon Jovi as a gourd, which has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

Happy Halloween!

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