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Whiskies Of The World Atlanta 2017

Ash Said it attends Whiskies Of The World

November is my favorite month for two reasons. Fall has arrived and Whiskies of the World will stop in Atlanta. This event gives connoisseurs the opportunity to taste spirits from local distilleries as well as from across the pond. The collection of brands gathered is unprecedented.

Whiskies of the World is an exhilarating event that continues to stand the test of time. Every year there is something new. I enjoyed this past weekend at the affair held at the Westin Buckhead.

We had a better strategy this year than previous years. There were a few new names that I was curious about and had to stop by their booth. I was going to make a list of the brands that I wanted to taste and stick to it. This would save me time and allow me to explore.

The pasta station had two lines that never seemed to end. Patrons stood in line for custom plates which included various pastas, meats, fresh veggies and sauces. Our chef was very personable and kept the energy of the crowd high. The quality of the food was incredible. I absolutely love food that is fresh. It doesn't get any better than this.

After speaking with Whiskies of the World Director Douglas Smith, I decided to try something else that I had never done before. I was going to smoke my first cigar. We attended the cigar cut and smoke session on the patio. The Smooth Draws Radio Show hosted this segment. Their program celebrates the cigar lifestyle. They answered questions and gave insight with over 65 years of combined experience.

This year was the best year yet. Kudos to Douglas Smith and his team for executing another smooth whiskey celebration. I can't wait to see how they step things up for next year!

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