TODAY IS THE DAY!! I can't explain my excitement now that the moment has finally arrived where everyone can hear my heart on my best work to date! I appreciate how patient you've been, so I could make sure I gave you my best! I proudly claim November 10th, 2017 as "SLINGSHOT DAVID" day!

Now this is where the real work comes in! I need everyone's help spreading the word about the release. When you download or stream the album, make sure you tell someone else about it. Share your favorite songs, tweet me, leave me a message on Facebook, however you do it, I just want to hear from you! Let me know what your standouts are and why? Let's make today big!

This is not just an album for me, this is my opportunity to inspire and hopefully give you a new perspective on your life's mission, what is your slingshot?

If you would like to buy a physical copy you can go to and they will be available there.

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