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Disney Pixar Coco Premiere at Studio Movie Grill Marietta

Ash Said It attends Pixar Coco Screening at Studio Movie Grill Marietta

Disney Pixar created a masterpiece with Coco. This heartfelt film is a new story about following your dreams despite the cards you are dealt. Prior to the screening, the directors showed audiences how they created such groundbreaking imagery. Wow! This helped me to appreciate the graphics even more while watching. I can't imagine how much effort it took. The end result was a perfect family friendly movie for people to enjoy for generations to come.

Studio Movie Grill Marietta was a superb venue for this event. This location has recently opened this month and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Locals in Duluth and Roswell already enjoy this ultimate moviegoing experience. Now Marietta has its own slice of paradise. What's not to love?

I have several favorites here. With every menu item made from scratch, it can be hard to choose. Everything tastes excellent! The margarita flatbread is always a good choice. But sometimes it's a coconut shrimp kind of night. And I usually can't leave without the delectable brownie sundae.

If you have not made your way to Marietta yet, this is a great excuse to go! The workers are welcoming, the bar ready for you, the food is sensational and you get to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster! What are you waiting for? #ashsaidit

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