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Stephanie Manley opens up about the humble beginnings of her groundbreaking site, re-creating some of American's most popular dishes and inspiring a new generation through food. The site is amazing and you'll want to try out alot of the recipes. Be sure to check out her book's Dining Out at Home Cookbook: Recipes for the Most Delicious Dishes from America's Most Popular Restaurants for even more insight about your favorite meals!

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About this Stephanie Manley:

I started cooking when I was young, very young. I started cooking when I was about 4 or 5. Scrambled eggs were the first dish that I cooked. I had to push a chair up to the stove to cook. My Mother was a brave lady. She commented that I would often burn myself, but she figured I would stop doing this eventually. I grew up in a rural area, and going out to eat, meant a several hour commitment for anything other than a local restaurant. Learning to copy recipes was done so we could recreate restaurant tasting food at home.

In college, I put myself through college through various jobs. I spent several years working in a variety of restaurants. This combined with an undergraduate degree with a minor in chemistry helped my ability to recreate restaurant favorites at home. In addition to recreating recipes I have spent several years brewing beer and wine, so I love to experiment with food and beverages.

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