Sonesta Gwinnett Place Thanksgiving Buffet at Grapevine Restaurant

Sonesta Gwinnett Place Thanksgiving Buffet Ash Said It

Sonesta Gwinnett Place hosted a Thanksgiving Day buffet at their Grapevine Restaurant. Chef Rocco and his team pulled out all this stops on this extensive spread. The appetizer station had a substantial amount of pasta salads/potato salads to choose from. Oysters, crawfish and shrimp? Oh My! There was no shortage of anything on this smorgasbord.

Two of my favorite items were the mushroom dressing and the smashed potatoes. I'm not a big fan of mushrooms but I love dressing. I'm so glad I decided to take a chance on this dish. It was well worth it. The smashed potatoes were better than anything I've ever created in the kitchen. They were fluffy, buttery and packed with flavor from the scallions.

There was plenty of turkey to go around too. Gravy and cranberry sauce were constantly replenished as families gathered around the bar. Its always nice to see people gathering together in peace. Nobody was arguing. Everybody was focused on how to balance all their food on one plate.

The charcuterie table was the most incredible arrangement of cheeses, meats and fruit that I've seen all year. I couldn't even keep track of all the varieties. The fruit table had the freshest fruit array known to man. I took several pieces of watermelon & pineapple. It was as if they had just picked it from a garden, sliced it ever so thin and laid it out just for me.

It wouldn't be thanksgiving without roast beef and ham. Both looked beautiful and savory. These two centerpieces had their own tables and attendants. They both seemed to be a hit but I watched the roast beef get replenished two times. People were loving this home cooked meal while away from home.

Last but certainly not least was the massive dessert ensemble. This station could not even fit in the restaurant. It had to be set up in the lobby at the restaurant opening. And what a display it was. First of all, the hot chocolate is the best hot chocolate I've ever had in my natural born life. It was literally like sipping liquid chocolate. It was so rich and think. It wasn't too sweet either. I was sold on the sweets right there.

However, I could not leave the area without a small sampling of the other sweet treats. It wouldn't be fair to them. From the banana pudding to the specialty pumpkin pie, there were so many choices. There was no way I could go wrong. The lemon squares were out of this world. The red velvet bites were sensational and the chocolate chip cookie was delectable.

This dinner was perfect for family & I. Thank you Sonesta Gwinnett Place for everything that you do for so many throughout the year. The wait staff was spectacular. They were so helpful and cleared our tables before we even noticed.

This property can handle your short term needs like a vacation in the city. And now they can take care of long term living arrangements with their newly re-Imagined suites. This is the first dual property in the brand and they will treat you like family every time.

Sonesta is such a part of my life that I can no longer stay with any other brand. I don't know what kind of service I'm getting at another hotel. I know that when I'm at Sonesta I'm at home.

If you are ever in the metro Atlanta area and you're looking for a place to stay, Grab a Bite & Stay the Night at Sonesta Gwinnett Place!

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Photo Credit: Ash Brown for Ash Said It LLC


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