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Studio Movie Grill Opens In Marietta

The third Studio Movie Grill location just added to Georgia is in Marietta. It may be my favorite yet! Each SMG has its own feel and this one is no different. The open patio front is a new touch that the other locations don't have. They have multiple kiosks for self service tickets. The bar is available and ready to service patrons. The hallway to the theaters is cinematic! It's as if you're walking into another world. The leather recliners are usually my favorite touch. These oversized tan seats are plush and very comfortable. The picture quality was outrageously crisp. As was the sound. The food? They went above and beyond for opening night! The coconut shrimp were gigantic and the sweet potato fries were cooked to perfection. Over all this is a quality addition to an outstanding brand. Kudos SMG for another job well done! #ashsaidit

For more on Studio Movie Grill Click Here

Photo Credit: Ash Brown for Ash Said It LLC


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