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T'Lish Says Let Your Passion Drive You!

CEO of T'lish Dressings & Marinades talks about the making of a groundbreaking brand, obstacles along the way and advice for anyone looking to enter the food industry. Web: Follow: @tlishdressings About the brand: In January of 2006, my family and I moved to Birmingham, Alabama. My husband, Big Rush, bought a real estate business at the height of the market. For the next few years, I spent my time raising my boys and getting adjusted to a new city. Each Christmas, I would make dozens of mason jars filled with my signature dressing and marinade. Neighbors and friends went nuts over the secret sauce and began asking me to make it for them throughout the year. In December of 2009, times were tough, the real estate market looked as if it would never come back. My neighbor, John Gee (Johnny G to me), suggested I start selling my stuff at the Pants Store. Sounds strange, I know, but his store is the spot where everyone in our area goes to buy the latest styles for their entire family. Bottles of the dressing started selling and word was spreading. In December of 2010, I sold over 1,700 jars. Hmmm, maybe I was onto something! Three months later, the Western Supermarket called and asked if I would consider selling T.Lish Sweet Garlic Vinaigrette in their stores. After a lot of hard work and determination, T.Lish Vinaigrette launched onto grocery’s shelves, December 10, 2011. Within 10 days, my first batch was sold and it was time to reorder. This happened again within two weeks. It was apparent that my dream was becoming a reality. I am committed to making healthy food taste even better. With that commitment, my hope is to create a line of all natural and extremely versatile dressings, marinades and sauces. About the show: ► Visit and use Promo Code: ASHDAILY40 for 40% off! ►Website: ►SUBSCRIBE HERE: ►Instagram: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Google Plus: ►Blog: ►Pinterest: ►Daily Podcast: ►Newsletter: ►SWAP Commercial Music Courtesy of #ashsaidit #ashsaidthat #ashblogsit #ashsaidit®

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