Youtuber Over-Processed Her Hair...Then got 6 MILLION VIEWS!

Hannah Forcier is a budding talent in Hollywood that went viral on YouTube. After her hair fell out due to over processing it, she decided to share her story. Who knew so many people would be touched by her incident? I get to the core of who Hannah is and what she’ll be up to next!

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The infamous video:

About this Influencer:

Hannah Forcier is a Social Media Influencer based in Los Angeles, CA. She mainly focused on live broadcasting on the app Live.Me when one day a different hair product left her with little to no hair. While recovering from the incident she posted a YouTube video to explain to her family, friends, and live stream viewers what had happened. Days later the video went viral and is now up to 6 million views giving Hannah a new social media platform to have as an outlet and way of communication with many around the world. She is now focusing on YouTube and only broadcasting a few days a week until she moves her priorities back to acting.

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