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About this book:

Aisha Carmichael, a haughty beauty from Chicago, prepares a devilish dish of deceit when reacquainted with a former classmate turned millionaire, Charles Proctor. However, the gorgeous gamer is challenged when she discovers that the high-profile bachelor is impervious to her conniving aspirations. Vexed by his stance, she devises a plan that will surely trap him… and his riches. But Charles has his own dark secret lurking in the shadows, and Aisha soon learns that she will have to pay a hefty price for her devious schemes.

Every action has a reaction and every decision has a consequence. It is said that we, ourselves, are responsible for our own happiness and misery. We create our own heaven, we create our own hell, and we are the architects of our own fate. Ultimately we construct… Karma’s Revenge.

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