The Passion Behind DaVinci's Donuts

DaVinci's Donuts owner Melissa Rudd talks about shifting careers, inspiration from her childhood and embarking on a brand new path. She has always had a passion for donuts and now she shares it with the world. They are the cutest donuts you've ever seen and so delicious! Be sure to visit for more on them. Don't forget to follow them @DavincisDonuts

About this Brand:

Locations in Alpharetta and Sandy Springs, GA Visit our website for locations and hours! DaVinci's Donuts is a unique and fresh take on donuts and the donut cafe. You can see the donuts being made in front of you. Chose from one of our inspired flavors, like tiramisu, maple bacon, or Dulce De leche or be inspired to customize a donut designed to your individual taste. The donut combinations are endless. With our modest size of donut yet abundance of topping, enjoy your treat with higher satisfaction and less guilt than traditional donuts. Pairing it with a locally roasted cup of coffee, or a gourmet cup of tea completes your experience.

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