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Mara Davis Talks Life After Radio

Ash Brown gets an exclusive with one of Atlanta's favorite media personalities Mara Davis. They talk about her early career, her weekly segment on The Bert Show and possibly whats next for this industry maven.

More on Mara Davis: Born in New York and raised in Miami, Davis has called Atlanta home for over 20 years. She is a social media fanatic, restaurant enthusiast, dog lover and awkward selfie-getter (she once met President Obama and told him to laugh for the photo… he did.)

A personality known for her humor, honesty and love of pop culture, she came to Atlanta for the classic rock station, Z-93 that became Dave-FM. She created the popular “Radio Free Lunch” a daily thematic radio request show. Throughout her radio and TV career she’s interviewed celebrities and chefs including Alton Brown, Adele, Bradley Cooper, Robert Plant, Jane Fonda and won several “Best Of Atlanta” spots in Creative Loafing and Atlanta Magazine.

Mara Davis is a television and radio personality, emcee, brand ambassador and one of the most well known media personalities in Atlanta. Davis is currently the co-host of Atlanta Eats, a TV show about dining in Atlanta. She potushosts Atlanta Eats radio, a weekly talk show about the Atlanta food scene. Davis is the music and food contributor for Atlanta’s NPR-WABE-FM. Davis has worked with Frye Boots, Woo Cosmetics, Whole Foods Market, The Village Vets and Karoo Glasses being a brand ambassador. Recently, she launched the Atlanta build out for Tastemade, a global food community connecting the world through food.

Mara is a well known emcee who has hosted events for Taste Of Atlanta, The Georgia Restaurant Association, Delta Airlines, City of College Park, Pastry Live, 30A Songwriters Festival, Bloomingdales, JDRF, Kate’s Club, The Atlanta Humane Society, the Atlanta Film Festival and many more. Davis is the go to Atlanta celebrity interviewer and moderator who’s worked with Andy Cohen, Giada De Laurentiis and best selling author Emily Giffin.

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