*Private Tasting at the Courtside Club*

Private Tasting at the Courtside Club!

Photo Credit Donna Permell/Prime Phocus

The Courtside Club at Philips Arena opened its doors to a private tasting Wednesday evening. I was pleased to see a number of familiar faces such as Erica Keys (eatingwitherica.com), Kiana Dancie (TV One's Sister Circle) and so many other Atlanta Socialites. Philips Arena has been going through a renovation and they are far from over.

I was delighted to hear about the upcoming upgrades to one of my favorite venues. First of all, this renovation will be the largest in NBA history. Wow. I had no idea. Philips Arena will be the first to ever feature Topgolf suites. Patrons will be able to play Topgolf while at an event. Killer Mike will open his S.W.A.G. Barbershop inside the venue as well. Zac Brown's Social Club will be another crowd pleaser.

When I got word that Executive Chef Joe Schafer was the visionary behind the food, I was on board. The cuisine at Bacchanalia never disappointed. There was no doubt that he would bring his culinary brilliance to this new venture. He sure did.

No one has ever experienced such an extensive delectable array of food while at this venue. Or any venue. The expansion here is the first of its kind. The open kitchens are a unique touch too. I witnessed a rack of lamb get sliced, duck in a roaster and pizza fresh from the oven. The bar was stocked with every popular liquor known to man. Overall, it was an outstanding outing that felt like home away from home.

This sneak peek into the future of the Atlanta sporting experience was unexpected but pleasing. It was the atmosphere of a casual dining spot with the food of a 5-star restaurant. There will be many more additions to come but so far things are looking spectacular at the Courtside Club! #ashsaidit

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