'SkinnyMe Chocolate' Sales Soar: Company Reaches Milestone of 160,000 Boxes Sold

Company sees exponential growth as Stevia-sweetened chocolate a hit with consumers

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As America continues to struggle with obesity, health conscious consumers wanting a sugar-free alternative to chocolate have finally found a delicious option devoid of artificial sweeteners and the toxic effects of processed sugars.

SkinnyMe, a socially-conscious company of nutritionists and chocoholics looking for a natural alternative, has turned a rigorously researched sugar-free chocolate recipe into a line of delicious Belgian chocolate truffles and squares that taste as good as or better than brand-name sugared chocolates.

The proof is in the popularity: SkinnyMe announced in January sales have surpassed 160,000 boxes and revenues exceeds $4.8 million, with the vast majority of both occurring in 2017, the company's second full year of operation.

"We moved more than 134,000 boxes last year and did more than $3.9 million in sales," said SkinnyMe CEO Anthony Green. "Customer enthusiasm is through the roof. More than 2,500 people have written outstanding testimonials about how much they love the taste of SkinnyMe Chocolate while enjoying the health benefits of going sugar-free."

"After testing and retesting, we found the perfect recipe that tastes amazing and completely excludes unhealthful sugar," said Gayle Reichler, MS, RD, CDN, the lead nutritionist and formulator for SkinnyMe. "Our independent panel of chefs and culinary enthusiasts gave us rave reviews - most couldn't even notice a difference. Now, sales are backing up that consensus."

SkinnyMe's primary sweetener is Stevia, a leafy green plant found in South America whose medicinal use goes back centuries.

"It is sweeter than sugar in the same concentrations, but Stevia does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels," Reichler said. "Stevia also has no carbohydrates or fats, making it perfect for people on low-carb diets."

The company offers 13 chocolate products, seven as truffles and six as squares. "Our truffles come in market-tested flavors such as Sea Salt Dark and Strawberry Dark," Green said. "Our squares include Intense Dark Espresso and Dark Chocolate Mint." The company is currently in development of 15 more flavors ranging from blueberry cobbler to salted caramel.

"With our production and distribution experience now well established, we can scale easily," Green added. "We are ready to deliver for retailers around the country. The evidence is there: SkinnyMe truffles and squares are proven products in a very popular niche, and customers are responding."

"The potential for growth is exponential. Retailers have started asking for the SkinnyMe brand and we anticipate being in over 500 retailers by the end of 2018, with sales of over $20 million and in 2019 we are projecting $40-$50 million as we expand our reach," Green said.

SkinnyMe reports 91 percent of buyers are over the age of 35, and 89 percent are women. "Clearly, our demographic is an adult who probably does most of the family shopping," Green added. "This is another reason we feel retail is the next logical step for SkinnyMe."

About SkinnyMe Chocolate: SkinnyMe Chocolate produces great tasting sugar-free chocolate that is sweetened with all natural Stevia. Currently available online and in select retail stores, you can find more information on their website at SkinnyMeChocolate.com or Facebook.com/SkinnyMeChocolates and Instagram @SkinnyMeChocolates

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