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RELEASE: Free Yoga Class and Expert Practice Tips with Westside Yoga at Park Tavern

Free Yoga Class and Expert Practice Tips with Westside Yoga at Park Tavern

Yogis are invited to get centered during a special complimentary class with Westside Yoga’s founder Amber Barry held in the meadow at Park Tavern on Monday, April 9, 2018. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., all levels of yoga experience are welcome to bring a friend, their favorite yoga mat, a towel, a water bottle, and enjoy the tranquil sunset over Midtown’s picturesque skyline. Attendees ages 21 and up can also take advantage of a complimentary house beer on Park Tavern’s expansive patio after the class. Held rain or shine, if showers appear, the yoga session will be held upstairs at Park Tavern in the Piedmont Room.

Not only offering a free yoga class, but expert yogi and founder of Westside Yoga, Amber Barry, also shares a few easy-to-follow tips for making the most on the yoga mat, in case it’s of interest to your readers!

Tips To Making The Most of Your Spring Yoga Session from Founder of Westside Yoga, Amber Barry:

1. Get Grounded. Begin your practice with a moment of silence. Stand in Mountain Pose, close your eyes, and draw all of your attention to the points where your feet connect to the ground below you. Remind yourself that you are stable and strong.

2. Set an Intention. Keeping your eyes closed, consider the qualities you want to bring to your practice, and repeat that intention silently in your mind three times. If you find yourself feeling distracted or discouraged during practice, come back to that intention, and repeat it again until you feel more centered.

3. Stabilize the Breath. Yogis call the breath the “life force” (prana). Make the breath the priority in your practice, and you will become increasingly powerful on (and off) the mat. Ujayi breathing (ocean breath) is simple breathing practice that helps relax. To practice ujayi, keep the mouth closed, and close the back of the throat to make the breath audible (it will sound like you are fogging mirror). Keep the breath steady, and the sound of the breath will remind you to stay focused. If you lose track of the breath, simply come back to it when you remember.

4. Pick a Gazing Point. Where your take your eyes, is where you take your thoughts. The more we steady the gaze, the quieter the mind becomes. When you practice yoga, keep your eyes focused on a specific point (known as the “drishti") in each pose—the tip of your nose works well most of the time, although you might find that you prefer to gaze between the hands, or at a point in front of you. With practice, you will find the gazing points that work best for each pose.

5. Be Mindful. Mindfulness is the practice of moment-to-moment awareness, without judgment. As you begin to move, notice all of the sensations you are feeling. What feels good? What is challenging? Whatever happens, accept it as part of the practice, and trust that it will get easier over time.

Park Tavern, a favorite neighborhood bar, restaurant, brewery and events facility, is located on the Atlanta BeltLine in the heart of Midtown on the corner of 10th Street and Monroe overlooking Piedmont Park and the Midtown skyline. For more information, visit or call 404.249.0001. Stay connected on Facebook at and on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @parktavern.

For more information on Westside Yoga, visit


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