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REVIEW: STOMP Invades The Fox Theatre


STOMP is the most creative mix of percussion, movement and visual comedy I have ever witnessed. This show has gained countless accolades throughout the decades since its creation in the 90s. Creators Luke Cresswell and Steve Mcnicholas combined their talents to bring this masterpiece to theatres around the globe.

When I heard that STOMP was coming to the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, I had to be there. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I did not want to miss it. Going into this performance, I had no expectations. I wanted to create my own perspective. And I did. There was no way to prepare myself for this fantastical display on stage.

The opening was slow. With good reason. When the beat picked up, it didn't stop. Who knew that industrial brooms could be so musical? The intensity of the performers was intoxicating. My eyes were glued to their feet. They glided across the stage as if it were nothing. Their stamina was incredible.

This was my first broadway production without dialogue. It was interesting. At one point I realized that the performers had not spoken a single word to one another. And I was still mesmerized.

The objects used to make music were the most astonishing part. I won't give it away. You need to see it for yourself. My favorite scene was the one with the lighters. It was nothing short of ingenious.

Overall, this production gets the 'Ash Said It Stamp of Approval'. The audience participation was unexpected, the performers gave 100% and I left with the satisfaction of watching an acclaimed Broadway Show in Atlanta. What can beat that? Click Here to find out when STOMP will be in a city near you.

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