EVENT: Eco-Trunk Show ATL

Atlanta Eco-Lifestyle Trunk Show 2018

The 2nd annual Atlanta Eco-Lifestyle Trunk Show was incredible. I met some amazing brands. Many of which I already follow on social media. My first stop was Taylar Leigh. They are an apparel company that uses earth kind packaging, 100% organic cotton and everything is produced in the US. The founder, Taylar Leigh spoke fondly about her humble beginnings.

Taylar Leigh Apparel

As a curious child she tried to used her mom's sewing machine without supervision. Unfortunately, she injured her finger while trying to operate the machine. Rather than punish young Taylar, her mom actually began giving her lessons. She has loved it ever since. These made to order fashions are ready when you are. Click Here for more on Taylar Leigh.

Wax Candle Bar at Eco Home Trunk Show Atlanta

My next stop was Wax Candle Bar. Their story was something that I could really relate to. I've bought aromatic smelling candles throughout the years. But what do you do after the last flame goes out? It can be a vase or utensil holder. Founder Teri Xerogeanes was tired of stockpiling empty candle containers. She was going to create a solution. And she did! Not only can you order custom candles but you can repurpose empty containers. Those beautiful containers get a new life with Wax Candle Bar. You have the option to order soy, coconut or bees wax to fill those empty jars. Check out more here.

Machete at Eco Home Trunk Show

Creative Director/Designer of Machete Jennifer J Matchett could not find the vibe she wanted to so she created it. After making her first pair of tortoise shell earrings, she received much acclaim. People began to put in requests. They could not get enough. The name started to get into circulation. Soon Vogue, Bazaar, and even Instyle have featured Machete in their publications. Who said sustainable products don't make press? Click here for more on Machete.

Harvest Soul at Atlanta Eco Home Trunk Show

Harvest Soul caught my eyes and I was ready. I absolutely LOVE juice. And to find a juice brand that is produced right here in my state is heartwarming. They blend both fruits and veggies together to create a tasty yet healthy beverage. There are no preservatives, sugars or even water. The best part is its high in fiber. Many bottled juices have fillers and lots of sugar. That's not going on here. I absolutely love that. My favorite was Island Fruit. For more on Harvest Soul click here.

Truth Honey at Atlanta Eco Home Trunk Show

The next table really blew my mind. Truth Honey put a spin on a classic that I never imagined. Their organic honey product is infused with gourmet flavors such as bubble gum, green apple and even lemon ginger. Things elevated as we discussed their premium honey. This list includes Courvoisier VSOP, White Hennessy and even Diddy's Ciroc! I only sampled the non-alcoholic honey. I had a long ride home. But I was super excited to learn of this independent brand made in Georgia.

Dirty Beauty at Atlanta Eco Home Trunk Show

Last but not least, Dirty Beauty had a captivating display. There was no way I could leave without talking to them. Founder Samantha Dickey was a bundle of energy. She was brimming with pride as she explained the message behind their brand. She was so intrigued by plant-based skincare that she decided to venture into that world. This brand has continued to thrive ever since. I can't wait to see what they come up with next. Find out more about Dirty Beauty here.

This trunk show was the most thought-provoking event I've attended this year. I had no idea that there were so many sustainable materials to enhance my life. Be sure to visit the Eco-Home Atlanta shop for some of the best eco-friendly items.

Dirty Beauty at Atlanta Eco Trunk Show

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