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Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Atlanta

Ash Said it attends Heroes & Villains Fan Fest ATL

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest was an incredible first time experience for me. It was held at the Georgia World Congress Center Downtown Atlanta. I have frequented many conventions in my day. But none were ever like this one. The one on one experience for fans with their favorite actors in incredible. I love the idea of giving people the opportunity to meet their favorite stars, get personalized autographs and even take a few snapshots.

The other aspect of this affair was the stage. There were several. This gave hundreds of fans the chance to get insight from their favorite tv stars. I was elated when I saw the list of guest appearances. A lot of the 'Arrow' and 'Gotham' casts were in attendance. Stephen Amell, David Ramsey and Emily Bert Rickards were in place when the fan experience began.

I was impressed with the vendors and their stories. Many had started their business as a hobby. Now they travel the world sharing their unique craft. One of my most fascinating stops was with the Black and White Guy. He is a gentleman that started drawing Walking Dead fan art with a number two pencil. He is color blind. He began to frequent conventions with his amazing illustrations and got a lot of notice. Pretty soon he had gained the name of the Black and White Guy.

There was a pop up tattoo shop. You heard me right. I had no idea that this was a thing. People were not shy at all either. I saw people getting everything from their ankle to their thigh inked. The time and precision that it takes is astonishing. The end results looked as if they were worth it.

Food and drink will keep people interested and content. The food was typical of a convention type setting. Savory things that were light but left you satisfied. And they had beer! This is a sure way to sell your friends on a weekend con in the city. Alcohol will be served.

Overall, I enjoyed my time at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest. I am so glad that this tour is making its way around the globe. The support of fans was out of this world. I tried my best to get as many pics of cosplayers that I came across. This is an experience for the entire family. Kids can meet their favorite stars and parents can too.

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Photo Credit: Ash Brown for Ash Said It LLC