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RELEASE: LeSin Vodka TM Announces U.S. Plans For A Sexy 2018

LeSin Vodka TM Announces U.S. Plans For A Sexy 2018

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 23, 2018 / LeSin Vodka TM, the world’s sexiest ultra premium vodka, today unveiled plans for it’s spring launch into the United States. Crafted for savvy ultra premium vodka consumers and influencers, LeSin Vodka will be aligning with and creating the sexiest events this year. A signature cocktail strategy and domestic experiential campaign will see 7 major markets for 2018 and several more for 2019 and beyond.

Charles Vaughn, Founder, LeSin Vodka explained, “We have developed an ultra premium vodka in the model of what the current consumer wishes to experience. LeSin Vodka is pure, elegant, smooth, and classy – literally the epitome of what ‘sexy’ truly is. We went to the heart of vodka country, Cognac, France, to craft this wonderful spirit from the finest deluxe wheat and spring water, all with zero sugar added. I am personally very proud of LeSin Vodka and I am excited and eager to share it with the world. As the new guy on the block, I look forward to shaking things up (or stirring them) in this segment and giving the traditional big brand names a solid bit of competition.”

LeSin Vodka will initially target, Atlanta, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles with Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Boston and New Jersey falling in line to round out phase 1 of the launch campaign. Key events surrounding fashion week(s), and musical events, as well as several signature and custom “sexy” events will be popping up throughout the year.

Vaughn continued, “We as marking a sizeable investment in both on-the-ground efforts and a developed digital/social media campaign, all with the aim and focus of providing a lasting and memorable experience for consumers with the brand. We may be new, but we are moving forward with purpose. I am proud of the entire team dedicated to LeSin Vodka throughout the United States and France.” #LeSinVodka


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