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Bliss Home: Magnetic Wine Charms ***Review

Bliss Home Magnetic Wine Charms

Party planning is not exactly my forte. The Women of Distinction Brunch was coming up and I was in charge this time. A few of my sorority sisters jumped in to assist with the major stuff. That helped tremendously. However, I didn't want it to be just like the others. What could I do to add a little spice to the mix?

The idea of adding bling to wine glasses intrigued me. I'm a girly girl and sparkles make me smile. Magnetic Wine Charms from Bliss Home were just what I needed. They were sure to make a great impression on the ladies and maybe they would hire me to host their Spring Expo. Twelve different color swarovski crystals were housed in a velour black box. These gems have a powerful magnet that make it possible to attach to glassware. The smooth finish on both sides keep your mind at ease. These gems won't scratch.

There is no right or wrong way to style the charms. I didn't center them or put them close to the rim. And I certainly didn't put them near the stem of the glass. They did their thing and looked fabulous. I had never seen anything quite like this before. Chances are neither had my guests.

As the ballroom doors opened, my heart dropped. What if they didn't like these embellishments? What if it flops? Immediately the ladies noticed the charms. They absolutely loved them! Carol Linh, who recently gained US Citizenship, gravitated toward the champagne flute with the passport. Andrea has a green thumb and was giddy with the garden pail icon. Ms Maxine informed me that she had planned on taking her charm home with her. I let her know that there was no need for that. She could get her very own set of 12 charms.

Bliss Home really created something marvelous for people to enjoy while entertaining. They are a unique gift for the chic classy fashionista in your life. These wine charms are a great stocking stuffer for the holidays. The best part is that they will never go out of style. What are you waiting for? Click Here to order your Bliss Home Magnetic Wine Charms while supplies last!

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