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Oka-B Sandals - REVIEW

Oka-B is a brand that I was just introduced to and I absolutely love them! I wore my 'Mannie' sandals over the weekend at the Cochon 555 event at the Ritz Carlton. They complimented my dress perfectly. The message beads in the arch were unlike any sandal I've ever owned.

Not only are they stylish, but they are practical for outdoors. The material that its made of is virtually water proof. They won't absorb moisture like the average sandal. This is the best addition to your shoe collection YET!

You would never guess that these beauties are made out of recycled plastic. And you'd certainly not fathom that they are made on US soil. What better way to celebrate the 4th of July sporting footwear made right in Buford, Ga. Visit for the latest sandals, flats, flip flops and wedges.

More on Oka-B:

Fashionable, fun and uniquely comfortable, Oka-B footwear is designed for stepping out in style. With sophisticated lines and innovative construction, the shoes are inspired by the latest runway looks yet crafted to pamper the feet with every step. Massage beads and a cushioned footbed deliver instant foot therapy, creating the ultimate indulgence in footwear – fashion that feels good! Oka-B shoes are waterproof, washable, recyclable, and made in Georgia! Oka-B offers an endless palette of shoe colors and styles, adorned with crystals, beads and rope knots.

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