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Put Free Menstrual Products In Public Schools

Menstrual products should be available for free in public schools.

No one thinks twice about stocking restrooms with free toilet paper and hand towels. So why don't we stock menstrual products for free too?

In schools across America, students are typically responsible for providing their own menstrual products. Recently, New York City public schools changed that, stocking free tampons and pads in all restrooms at schools (sixth grade and up).

All students in these grades, regardless of their ability to pay, now have discreet and easy access to free menstrual products. This means students can concentrate on school, instead of on how they’re going to stay clean and healthy during their period.

Access to sanitary products should be a right, so why are they treated like a luxury? Click Here to add your name if you agree that free menstrual products should be offered in public schools.

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