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RECAP: Cinebash 2018


This past weekend I attended Cinebash in Atlanta, Ga. It was the most eclectic celebration of indie films that I have ever witnessed. Saul Bass is the graphic designer that this year’s theme was centered around. From paintings, sculptures and even a vertigo room this event opened up minds to what the concept of art really was.

There was a dj spinning contemporary hits while guests got specialty cocktails on the patio. What a perfect way to celebrate the first weekend of summer. The sun was shining and vibrations were high. Soon food rolled out from some of Atlanta’s top eateries. Alon's Bakery & Market, 1KEPT, City Barbeque, DAS BBQ, and FLIP Burger Boutique were on site. Each company brought something different that partygoers could enjoy.

Then I ran into the most unique thing. A young man that was a ‘walking Photo Booth’. He literally walked around with equipment to take photos on the spot. He was so nice and event gave advice on angles.

I had a splendid evening at Atlanta Contemporary for Cinebash. Items in this gallery were unlike anything I had ever seen. Click Here for more on upcoming events.

Photo credit: Donald Felice, Vaughn Gittens

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