RELEASE: Cherry Blow Dry Bar's Reparative Protein Treatment

The experts at Cherry Blow Dry Bar want to keep your hair healthy and hydrated as the season heats up! The premium salon not only offers express services including hair blowouts and extensions, but they also provide treatments tailored to your hair needs.

One of the more sought after treatments during this time of year is the reparative protein and scalp massage, perfect for revitalizing dry, damaged or color treated hair. Protein is necessary for promoting growth and repairing hair follicles that have been either damaged by extreme heat, coloring, chlorine, or sun damage.

This reparative treatment includes Vital Shots of Keratin Complex protein which are applied in less than 15 minutes and done so during the shampoo and rinse process. This add-on service is designed to repair hair for up to 5 weeks, the perfect ‘cherry-on-top’ to your custom signature blowout.

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