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REVIEW: Popcornopolis - Organic Nearly Naked

Popcornopolis Organic nearly naked

With nieces and nephews constantly seeking snacks, I'm always on the lookout for healthy treats. They're at a vital age where what they consume will mold them into the people they will become. Those eating habits develop early.

When I heard about Popcornopolis I was intrigued. Its gluten free, no preservatives and popped in coconut oil. Its 38 calories per cup and certified kosher. But will it taste good? The ultimate test is with children. They will give honest answers and won't hesitate to tell you how they really feel.

Friday night was officially our movie night. I usually bring a big bag of their favorite chips. This was going to be interesting. Not only are most store brands not good for children but adults should not consume it either. I brought a giant bag of Organic Nearly Naked Popcorn. Upon entering, I received the most disapproving faces.

I explained that it was typical to eat popcorn while watching movies. These kids have grown up in an era where they expect other options. I left out all the health benefits and started sharing out bowls. As the movie 'Frozen' began, I didn't get one complaint. They actually like it. I had some myself and it wasn't bad at all.

Popcornopolis may really be onto something with their popcorn. Snacks are always in demand, regardless of age. These guilt free nibblers make a great addition to any household. This is a goodie that you won't have to worry about.

Organic Nearly Naked will be in Costco stores from March 13 at $5.39 a bag. But hold on. The price drops from April 19 - May 13. This ginormous bag will only be $3.49. Its a win situation either way. Stock up now while supplies last. Summer is just around the corner. What are your kids eating?

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