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EVENT: Tinkerman's Gin Launch - Atlanta

Ash Said It attends Tinkerman's Gin Atlanta Launch Party

Gin was not on my list of spirits that I usually entertain. When I was invited to the media tasting of Tinkerman's Gin, I had no expectations. I'm not very familiar with gin. Throughout the years I've had gin in cocktails but never by itself. Would it be enjoyable?

This private event was held at Foxtrot Liquor Bar in midtown. I had never even heard of this place. There are so many hidden gems in Atlanta that I have yet to uncover. The building has a warm family feel to it. It was almost as if I had been there before.

It was a two for one deal for me. My mission was to gather valuable information about this brand and scope out this new hangout on my radar.

Upon arrival I was greeted, given a name badge and a drink menu for the evening. I can honestly say that I've never seen such an extensive drink menu in my existence. The combinations and the reasoning behind each were fascinating.

Master Distiller Brian Prewitt was in attendance brimming with pride over his creations. His was the most joyful person in the room. He lit up like a christmas tree when discussing his product. The time and effort that he took truly shows in the end results. He has produced an invigorating spirit that is good solo but has the ability to compliment any mixed drink.

While the cocktails set the mood of the evening, I was more interested in what each gin was like by itself. Citrus supreme was my first choice. This gin was a complicated melody. While I enjoyed the citrus, I could taste other unlikely elements. I got the flower notes but the vanilla was a surprising discovery. While talking to Brian Prewitt, he disclosed how it took him a long time to find a vanilla bean that would work. He went through many and none of those seemed right. I'm super glad he found a winner.

Sweet Spice was next. Anything packing a punch is right up my alley. The aroma from this gin is captivating. Sweet Spice will put any spice rum to shame with little effort. The hint of nutmeg make this the perfect late night sip. Makes for a better spiked hot chocolate.

Last but certainly not least, there was Curiously Bright and Complex. This blend put me in the setting of a breezy summer afternoon sitting on the porch. The jazmine green tea and ginger compliment each other well. The asian influence was evident and charming.

All three gins were unique and enjoyable. I can't pick just one! I love the fact that they were so refreshing. Each one had its own personality but were not overpowering. One sip cleared the way for many possibilities. I was not a gin drinker before this eye opening event. I'm happy to say that this is the only gin that will be stocked at home. Kudos to Brian Prewitt and his entire team on a job well done. Ash Said It was the Best Gin!

Click Here for more on the brand.

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