REVIEW: TYPE A Deodorant

Ash Said it reviews Type A Deodorant

It’s so important to pay attention to what we use daily. Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs pretty much everything. I have been a conscious vegetarian for over a decade. It’s imperative for me to be knowledgeable about products that affect my wellness. So I was delighted to learn about Type A Deodorant.

This antiperspirant is composed of natural ingredients. Its aluminum free, won’t irritate your skin and is 100% non-toxic. It’s a unisex product that both men & women can benefit from. And it comes in a tube! I’ve never used a deodorant in a tube. This would be an interesting experience.

The two scent options are The Visionary and The Minimalist. The Visionary is a fluorescent citrus fragrance that I absolutely adore. It is not an overbearing aroma. The Minimalist is the non-scented version. This would be best for people with sensitive skin. Both are very powerful.

It was time for power yoga and I just applied my Type A Deodorant. Would it withstand the intense heat of the studio? It did! While perspiration poured off of me, I didn’t smell. My shirt and tights were soaking in sweat and I didn’t stink! It was a miracle. This was the ultimate test and Type: A Deodorant won.

If you’re seeking an antiperspirant brand that is non-toxic, has a pleasant scent and will prevent odor you need to check them out! I was a bit skeptical at first because of other brands that were ‘natural’ but didn’t work. I am now all about Type: A Deodorant. Click Here for more insight on the brand. Why? Because Ash Said it!


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