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REVIEW: Flora Women's Care Probiotic

Flora Women's Care Probiotic

So my first shipment of #ShiftConLovePackage stuff recently arrived. It was officially my christmas morning in March. I was not able to attend this year so winning the contest was a delight.The first item I received was the Flora Women's Care Probiotic.

A probiotic? I have taken probiotics in the past with not so much luck. Over 80% of our immune system lives in our gut. Our bodies need something to keep things regulated. After trying one brand, it was as if I was taking a sugar pill before lunch. Nothing was happening. If anything, it may have added to my constipation. So I was left with a bad experience.

That is not the case with Flora. After a week of this product, I am back on track. Honestly better than before. I now have several releases a day. I was a little nervous about adding it to my daily supplements. I have been in Nashville for the past few days and I feel great. I have not had to take laxatives and thats the best part.

As a woman on the go, I'm constantly being pulled in multiple directions. Sometimes I just don't have time. There is no excuse for me not take care of myself now. This item is portable and easy to take. You can create your own daily dosage to fit your lifestyle.

I will be looking for it on store shelves when I get back to Atlanta. If you're a woman that is having digestive issues, you need this product. It will change your life in days. 'Ash Said It' was the BEST!

This post contains links sponsored by Flora.

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