CBD oil products are becoming more accessible to the public. Natural foods stores have begun to carry such products because of the health benefits. CBD Living is a brand that I've recently been introduced to. They carry an array of CBD products such as topical items, edibles and even stuff for your pet. They sent me samples to try and give my honest opinion.

When you have an elderly family member that is sick, all you want to do is make the pain go away. My uncle is suffering from stage 4 liver cancer. He is often fatigued after chemotherapy and rarely has an appetite. I asked my cousins if he would be open to trying some new products. They said he would.

We prepared a bath for him using the CBD Bath Bomb. He loved it. The fragrance was enjoyable and he had the best sleep that night. In the morning, he woke up with some aches and pains. We decided to use the CBD Living Freeze on those spots. After the initial cold shock, my uncle could feel a difference. The product wasn't too fragrant either.

His day to day energy has been at an all time low. I was hoping the CBD milk chocolate would impact that. And it did. He didn't notice a difference but I sure did. He walked all the way to the mailbox without the assist of his cane. CBD Living products have worked wonders for my family. They'll do the same for yours. Visit www.cbdliving.com for the complete product line.

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