61% of People are in Favor of Spotify’s New Mute Artist Feature

NEW YORK/SAN DIEGO/LOS ANGELES –Ever select a specific playlist or Spotify radio station on Spotify, and while listening, an artist you don’t like, for whatever reason, pops up? And instead of jamming out uninterrupted, you have to pull out your phone and change the song.

Well, according to USA Today, Spotify has rolled out a new “don’t play this artist” feature for their iOS app where you can mute out all songs from the artist(s) of your choice in the Spotify database. Meaning, songs from the said artist will be skipped when listening to a playlist, library, chart list, or radio station.

All you have to do is go the home page of the artist, click on the “…” in the top right and select “Don’t play this artist.”

It’s a simple, yet unique addition to the music app that may have its motivations rooted in something more serious. Many speculate, although Spotify has not confirmed, that this function is in response the #MuteRKelly campaign which began back in 2017.

It looks like people are in favor. When asked people were asked if they would use this feature, 61% responded “Yesss, needed this,” while 39% responded, “probably not.”

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