Who's Watching The 2019 Oscars

2019 Oscars’ Survey Findings RE: Audience Preferences

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2019 Key Oscars’ Survey Findings

  • HOST OR NO HOST – THAT IS THE QUESTION!? For the first time in decades, there will be no host for the Oscars. How do you feel about watching the show without a host?

  • More than 1/5 of respondents (22.5%) were disappointed that there would be no host to roast the celebrities throughout the show

  • However, close to 15% of our survey respondents (13.9%) said, “Great, we don’t need a host anyway!”

  • The remaining respondents had no opinion to this question


  • More than 1/5 (21.8%) of the survey respondents reported that Seeing who wins is what they enjoy most about watching the Oscars.

  • Close to 12% of survey respondents reported that they most enjoy the celebrity fashions/Red Carpet pre-shows

  • More than 5% of survey respondents reported that they most enjoy the acceptance speeches

  • The remaining respondents said that they do not watch the Oscars

  • AND THE WINNER FOR BEST PICTURE GOES TO… Who would you most like to win best picture?

  • The top three films selected by our survey respondents were:

  • Black Panther: 33.1%

  • Bohemian Rhapsody: 22.6%

  • A Star is Born: 12.4%

  • Lady Gaga is expected to win big for her recent film ‘A Star Is Born’.

  • Do you like seeing her on the big screen?

  • I did not see “A Star is Born” (57.3%)

  • No – stick to music (14.9%)

  • Yes – she is so talented (27.9%)

  • According to research conducted in 2016, the Academy consisted of 75% Caucasian members & 92% male members.

  • Who would you like to see more of in the Academy?

  • More Women: 21%

  • More Diverse Ethnic Groups: 22.2%

  • Both: 31.2%

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