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Core Max Fitness

Sit ups are not my favorite exercise. Matter of fact, I hate doing them. I usually strain my neck at some point and quit. Then that’s the end of that session. Case closed. But what if there was a better way to achieve optimal results without the hassle and in a fraction of the time? There is!

Core Max is the answer to fitness at home. I’m a marketing expert with clients all over the globe. The Core Max works perfectly with my lifestyle. It’s the perfect size to fit neatly under my bed, in my luggage or even in the trunk of my car. I can literally start a workout anywhere. I pull mine out first thing in the morning to get my 8 minutes in. I feel so accomplished after that short period of time. Then it’s time to get my day started.

I can target multiple muscle groups such as legs, arms and of course the abs. The dual direction resistance helps to double the effects of the workout. So you’re working twice as hard during one workout. The Core Max comes with a nutrition guide, exercise chart, dvd and even a digital fitness tracker. You can accelerate your results with the easy to follow exercise chart too.

If you’re looking to get definition for the summer, look no further. The Core Max is a total body gym. Not only is it a fraction of the cost but its not as bulky as other equipment. If you or someone you know is ready to take your health to the next level you should try Core Max. For more details click here.

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