Celebrate National Sandwich Month with Raybern's

Raybern’s is America’s #1 selling, ready to eat Philly Cheesesteak in grocery stores. They are known for their “bakery soft” bread from freezer to microwave, that took years to master! With August here, everyone is focused on back to school season, but August is also National Sandwich Month! That’s right, and Raybern’s is celebrating National Sandwich Month with their authentic deli-style, meaty sandwiches!

Celebrate with Raybern’s buy posting on Instagram where you like to “Soak Up the Raybern’s,” whether that be for your school lunch, work break, picnic or more! Be sure to tag Raybern’s in your Instagram post @RaybernsSandwiches and watch for giveaways for a chance to win some delicious prizes!

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