“American Black Princess” is an autobiographical theatrical production. It is based on a book of poems called “Reaching Out With Love” by the Atlanta based theatre and education professional, Aduke Aremu.

The poems were written in Germany in 1982 and first published in Berlin. On Saturday, September 14, 2019 the world premiere production of “American Black Princess” in Atlanta, includes a “two-in-one” entertainment showcase. There is an afternoon “Royal Theatre Celebration” beginning at 4 pm with a plethora of R&B, Gospel, and international music from featured artists and at 8 pm the red carpet and the curtain goes up for the reason for the celebration which is Aduke’s “American Black Princess” the phenomenal Broadway inspired, chorepoem.

The choreopoem genre used, was first introduced in the U.S. and then around the world by the late created by the late, Ntozake Shange with the support of dance diva, Dianne Mc Intye, and the iconic director, Woodie King Jr. of Broadway’s “Colored Girls…” fame.

So! “American Black Princess” is a huge ‘royal theatre celebration’ and love-sharing initiative. Both men and women are “ushering-in” regional, national and international support for the production. The combined activities will encourage “new foundations” for positive and high-level national and global relationships in the Fall of 2019.

The poems in the book, “Reaching Out With Love” are about the poet’s extraordinary life’s-journey. It includes a “journey map” of: growing up in the U.S. during urban and racial conflicts; struggling to establish a professional identity as an independent artist, woman, and theatre producer.

Aduke’s biographical journey she says, “has been “true to her interpretation” of what her faith, mom and dad, Hunter College, Dr. Pearl Primus, and what her sorority, Zeta Phi Eta ceded into her.”

Aduke, is today in Atlanta someone that, Dr. Maya Angelou would call a “phenomenal woman”. Her talent and resilience are celebrated in 2019 a year of very disappointing stories about women who were abused while “climbing professional ladders”.

Except for the Asian continent, and Australia, Aduke has taken her poetry, plays, teaching, books, and children’s theatre companies around the world. The staged chorepoem will be directed by award winning Broadway Choreographer, Patdro Harris with original music by renowned composer Chika Kaba Ma’Atunde is a “must see”! Join the Royal Theatre Celebration.

Information: Aduke Aremu, 678-739-6674


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