***Skincare Review: The Organic Skin Co

Traveling daily can be tough on skin. Changing climates and air pollutants don’t help either. I am very particular with the products that I use. A lot of the stuff on store shelves have a multitude of chemicals and unnecessary additives. So what do I use to keep my skin flawless daily? The Organic Skin Co of course!

The Clean Slate Holy Basil Cleanser is wonderful. As I gently massage it into my skin, I feel the citrus oils tingling. Task Force Nine is one of my favorites. Not only does it nourish but the aroma is absolutely delicious. It smells good enough to eat. But don’t! Lol.

Nitty Gritty is a comforting almond seed exfoliant. It gently removes dead skin while polishing and leaving my skin silky smooth. Their moisturizers love my skin! Hydration Agent smells like a slice of heaven. I adore vanilla so I was sure I would like it. This vanilla/amaranth combo moisturizer hydrates without leaving my skin greasy. Daily Rituals Orange & Rosehip moisturizer is the perfect morning refresher. The citrus scent will wakes my skin up while adding an oil free glow.

Last but certainly not least, the Good Oil is the perfect end to any beauty regimen. This honeysuckle/Turmeric face oil is exactly what my skin was missing. Upon contact, I feel a difference. If you ration out too much, don’t hesitate to use the excess on your hands & arms. You’ll enjoy the scent and your skin will love this attention.

Not only are these product gluten free, they are also cruelty free and are vegan friendly. I don’t usually endorse skin care products because I usually have a conflict with one or more of their products. Not the case here. This company gets the #ashSaidItStampOfApproval! I love The Organic Skin Co!!!

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