***REVIEW: ChocZero Chocolates

***REVIEW: ChocZero Chocolates

I'm picky when it comes to chocolate. Its either hit or miss with me. While on a flight back to LAX I decided to indulge in a new sweet that caught my eye. Chocolate is chocolate, right? Is all chocolate really equal?

ChocZero is changing the chocolate game completely. Their chocolate is gluten free, soy free, and sugar alcohol free. That is unheard of. The average chocolate that is available in stores has a laundry list of unnecessary additives. But with this non of the bad stuff in it. Would this chocolate be good?

It absolutely is! I don't usually pick dark chocolate but I nearly polished off an entire bag of the 70% cocoa Dark Chocolate. Dark Chocolate has the most antioxidants so it was a healthy snack. It wasn't bitter like expected. It was creamy and flavorful with just enough sweetness. I was in LOVE!

They have absolutely set the standard for my favorite chocolates. There is NO WAY I'm buying any other brand. Don't believe me? Click Here to check out their site and try the product yourself. You won't be disappointed. Why? Cuz ASH SAID IT!

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