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How to Dress for The Fall With Gucci And The RealReal

How to Dress for The Fall With Gucci And The RealReal

When you are dressing up for the fall season, you must consider how you can use Gucci and The RealReal to find the clothes that you need. There are a number of things that you can buy that will make your wardrobe stand out, and all the things that you find below can be used throughout the year when the weather calls for it. Each of these trends is quite powerful, and you will feel as though you are in the pages of a magazine when you get ready in the morning.

Logo Sneakers

Logo sneakers in the tennis style are a lot of fun to wear because they provide you with a sleek style that will work with your skirts and denim. When you would like to wear lighter shoes when it is breezy and chilly, you can use these shoes with light socks. Plus, the shoes can be worn with hose or tights depending on what your prefer that day. The logo itself signals that you know fashion, and you will be proud to wear something from a style icon every day.

Platform Heel Boots

When you are choosing boots, you have several options at your disposal. Because of this, you need to decide how tall you want your boots to be, how formal they should be, and what styling you would like. The simplest leather boot with a platform heel that is very tall will feel modern and sleek. You can wear these boots with denim, or you could wear them to work because they work with dark professional clothes.

When you choose these boots, you do not need to worry about fitting your calf because they only move just past your ankle to rise a bit up your calf. You also will find that they offer the square toe which will feel edgy and fun this fall.

Belted Tops

Gucci has amazing belted tops that come with a belt made into the fabric. The belt is an extension of the top itself, and you can decide how to wrap the top, how to tie off the top, and how you would like to roll your sleeves. The belted tops could be tied off to the side because you want to be casual, and you also might want to wrap around the back for a more formal look. You have complete control over your styling when wearing these tops, and the long sleeves work for casual or formal outfits.

Silk Scarf/Head Covering

The silk scarf or head covering is interesting because it is a single piece of fabric that is not that large. The bold and vibrant patterns that you find on these pieces will make it much easier for you to shoe off your personal style, and you can easily lay the scarf over your head and tie it off if you would like to cover your hair.

Tie the scarf around your neck if you want to have a retro look, and remember that you can use the scarf as a way to add color to professional outfits that might be a bit dark and filled with neutral colors.


When you choose to shop with The RealReal, you can find all the Gucci items you need to get ready for the fall. These are lovely thing to try if you have not worn this brand before, and you could also take a look at how they use colors to accent their neutrals and dark colors. Dressing up for the fall is easier when you save money and wear the best designer brands on the market.

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