Ash Said It approves of H2 Rose Water!

I personally LOVE rose water. I use it in my skincare and it just smells so pleasant. I've recently noticed a few companies promote their new rose water beverage. H2 Rose stood out the most to me. Not only was their drink good for overall wellness but they all have fruit essence.

H2 Rose Water is delightful. The rose water blends melodiously with a hint of saffron and natural essence of some of my favorite fruits. Wild Berry, Apple, Peach and Mango are the current varieties. All four are wonderful. My personal favorite is the Mango.

When drinks have too much sugar, I don't enjoy them. I can't. All that sugar is too much. H2 Rose Water has the best balance of flavor and sugar for a crisp refreshing taste. In just a few days I experienced a decrease in appetite, a reduction in bloating and less inflammation than usual.

This product gets the Ash Said It Stamp of Approval! Its vegan, full of antioxidants and can accompany any meal seamlessly. I am more than impressed with this drink and you will be too. Click Here for more on this outstanding brand. Why? 'Cuz Ash Said It!

This post contains links sponsored by H2 Rose Water.

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