Sitka Salmon Shares For The Holidays

I love salmon. Since becoming pescatarian it’s become my favorite protein. I can marinate it with my favorite seasoning blends or I can keep it simple with lemon wedges. Either one make for a great meal. The only challenge is finding it fresh.

A lot of grocery stores display salmon steaks that look unappetizing. The fish can look old or discolored. That just doesn’t work for me. I usually end up going to the farmers market across town on my off days. Typically I can only make it out there once a month. Sitka Salmon Shares gained my interest for several reasons. They’re transparent about their harvesting/distribution so that they can provide customers with the best possible product. There are always new reports about the deception of the fishing industry. Ethics don’t matter to some companies. Sitka Salmon Shares is not one of them.

This salmon comes from sustainable Alaska fisheries using fishing methods that minimize environmental impact. Because of habitat degradation, pollution and over-fishing the fish population in endangered. Sitka Salmon Shares is doing their part to maintain a sustainable ecosystem. They even have science based catch limits that help retain the population. They’re thinking long term for the business and environment.

I love the convenience of delivery to my doorstep. I no longer have to drive an hour from home in midday traffic for dinner. I can literally order as much or as little as I want and it will arrive just in time. The salmon arrives frozen which allows me some time to get prepared. I can prepare my sides while it defrosts.

When I received my first box I was so impressed. The salmon was way bigger than what I had seen in the grocery store. It was such a massive portion that I knew I couldn’t enjoy it alone. I called up my sister & niece for a girls night in. I told them I was making salmon and they were on the way.

By the time my family arrived, the sides were complete and it was time to cook the salmon. I decided to bake it with a mix of my favorite herbs/spices and some lemon wedges. We folded them in foil and put them in the oven. Sometimes simple is better. They came out absolutely scrumptious!

Honestly, that was the best salmon I’ve ever had. It’s hard to explain. It just tasted fresh. It didn’t taste freezer burned or anything. My herb mix was absorbed well too. It was a match made in heaven.

I can’t vouch for many brands but tasting is believing. And now I’m a believer! Sitka Salmon Shares has the best fish on the market! Don’t believe me? You be the judge. Try it for yourself. CLICK HERE for more.


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