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Order this Laser Christmas Tree Topper Today - Get it Tomorrow!

Experience the Magic  Bring Professional Quality Laser Lighting to Your Own Home

Laser lights can create a magical experience … think big theme parks, colorful dancing lights and stationary ones creating a blissful, inspiring mood. Used to be that big production quality laser lighting was only for the Disneylands of the world, now you can get it in your own home thanks to BlissLights!!!

Whether you’re looking to design the most imaginative Halloween display on the block, turn your yard into a winter wonderland for the holidays or just want a little sparkle in your home throughout the year, BlissLights has just what you need. With an assortment of quality laser lighting systems to choose from it’s easy to create a fun, unique and captivating atmosphere.

Designed by special effects technology pros, BlissLights were originally made for theme parks, then reengineered to give homeowners that same sparkle. BlissLights are durable and made to last, providing years of magical moments.

Top Picks by BlissLights this Season:

Laser Christmas Tree Topper - This festive laser tree topper adds color to your tree and projects brilliant laser stars on your ceiling! Classic five-pointed star design also glows from within, featuring a color-changing LED light show. Available in silver or gold trim, plus your choice of red or green laser stars. Velcro and stake base mounts easily to any tree and provides excellent stability. Energy efficient USB-powered design! Includes a wall adapter plug to easily connect to traditional outlets.

SKY lite - instantly projects a galaxy of moving green stars against a transforming blue nebula cloud. Enhance your home theater experience, sleep under the stars, or light a romantic dinner for two with a simple push of a button.

Starport Laser USB – plug this portable tiny magic maker into any USB and instantly transform your space with hundreds of pinpoints of light.

About BlissLights:

When his young daughter couldn’t sleep because she was afraid of the dark, Randy Johnson knew he had to do something about it. He called on his professional lighting background and created a star light projector that produced thousands of pinpoints of light over a nebula. His creation made for peaceful nights for his daughter and helped set the stage for BlissLights. Besides making for amazingly cool environments for homeowners, BlissLightsmay also be calming for people with sensory disorders.

All BlissLight products available on Amazon.

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