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Convenient Healthy Pet Food Because Your Fur Baby Deserves The Best!

The Product Lineup:

  • A variety of blends for puppies and dogs

  • True carnivore diets for cats and kittens

  • Fresh food alternatives for prescription diets

  • Low phosphorus and low glycemic blends for special dietary needs

Raising the Pet Food “Bar”

  • Fresh muscle meat is always the primary ingredient, rich in natural amino acids including Taurine

  • Muscle meats are gently cooked to preserve nutrients and ensure food safety

  • Mixed with raw vegetables and cranberries

  • Contain no ground bones or frames, junk meat, by-products, meals fillers, peas, lentils or leftovers from other food processing

  • Contain no preservatives, gluten, synthetic supplements, GMOs or added flavors

  • Manufactured in the company’s own GMP facility ensuring quality control over every step of the operation

My Perfect Pet blends for dogs come individually wrapped with 7 bars per bag, or in plastic-free cartons containing 30 bars. Blends for cats come individually wrapped with 10 bars per bag.

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