The Talented Denis Shepard from Paramounts much anticipated series- Paradise LOST starring Josh Hart

I would love to introduce you to the extremely talented and the next young actor on the scene, Denis Shepard. Denis will be starring in the much anticipated Paramount new series, "PARADISE LOST,” starring Josh Hartnett Bridget Regan, Nick Nolte and others. Denis plays the younger Josh Hartnett, “Yates Forsythe,” who has a storyline that is incredibly complex, challenging and you have to pay very close attention or you will miss some key points. “Yates Forsythe,” is mysterious with many different plots and twists to his character and role, but there is a point in the series where everything comes together, especially with Josh (adult role) and Denis character (Younger Role). Denis has his own mystery as the younger “Yates Forsythe," each scene has a piece to a puzzle everyone is trying to figure out, including the childhood of Denis and Josh’s character. Paradise Lost is premiering on April 13th. 2020, you can first catch it On Demand with Spectrum TV and then it airs on the Paramount Network. Paradise Lost is a new series where a man (Josh Hartnett) moves back to Mississippi from California with his psychiatrist, partner only to uncover some shameful secrets that irrevocably change the lives of everyone involved. This includes going back into your own childhood for answers, discovering secrets and unblocking those memories you need to understand certain situations in his now adult life. It’s a very complex, but compelling series that is full of many twist and turns, but challenges you to go deep and figure out why things are the way they are, at that moment. Each and every character has their own mystery to them and each scene has a piece to the puzzle. The original story was created and written by Rodes Fishburne (Blood & Oil) and Executive Producer, Arika Lisanne Mittman (Dexter). Who also serves as writer, directed by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side). You might recognize Denis from different roles over the years, most relevant, he guest stars on one of the most watched YOUTUBE Premium shows, ESCAPE THE NIGHT, along with starring in the Independent Short, “BOO,” which was accepted into 3 different film festivals. Denis also has regular appearances on the Jimmy Tatro Youtube Series with over 3 Million subscribers and has been involved with a handful of National commercials like, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Panera, Nissan, Volvoline, Samsung, LA Tourismand others. Born and raised in Chatsworth, CA, Denis, a twin, who is a minute older than him, is 1 of 14 grand kids who moved to CA from NYC in the 1950’s and started a very successful egg ranch and brand called, Trafficanda Egg Ranch, where Denis still helps out to this day. He studied Film and TV producing with a business minor at the University of Arizona and was a very successful athlete, played 5 different sports in high school. Denis has been working from the bottom to the top, working in casting offices, casting projects for everyone from Dave Myers, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Disney projects. Also with many directors and writers of successful shows and films like Death Becomes Her. He has also studied Mesiner Technique and has had 6 years of improve at Upright Citizens Brigade, where he also started writing, producing his own projects and started a reel editing service company for actors. For fun, Denis loves to take part in anything that has to do with getting better at his craft, study the best films, TV shows and plays, including the actors and writers. You can see him at a local play or in a theater checking out all the award winning and non award winning films. He also loves to be around his family when he can and take party in any sports activities or charity organizations of many different topics.

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