The Littles Skin Care Products Making a Big Impact on Your Baby’s Skin

Diaper rash cream is one baby essential that’s downright clinical and chemical when traditionally store-bought, but one brand is changing that perception. Littles Skin Care believes that baby’s first skincare regimen should be as natural and as pure as your loving touch. Every balm, every butter and every oil is made without using any harsh chemicals, fragrances, and irritants. Put the joy back into pampering baby’s skin with four different products made with love and care for your precious one.

Butt Butter ($10.50) – How do you conquer diaper rash when it becomes a pain in the bottom? With Butt Butter, of course!

Mosquito Repellent ($6.99) – This all-natural bug repellent lotion keeps even the peskiest mosquitos away as your little one ventures outdoors.

Eczema Relief Balm ($12.99) – Skip the cold, sterile tube of ointment for this oatmeal-based eczema cream.

Daily Moisturizer ($7.99) – Your baby’s skin will stay kissably soft with this safe-to-use everyday moisturizer made with avocado oil, sweet-smelling lavender and soothing oatmeal.

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About Littles Skincare: Founded by a former chemist and a chemical engineer, these products were created for a better alternative to treating a baby’s sensitive skin containing no petroleum. His daughter struggled to find skincare products that were natural and actually worked for her son. She also noticed many products on the market contained more synthetics and filler than active ingredients. What started out as skin solutions created specifically for his grandson became an entire brand.

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