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Declutter The Mind Launches Groundbreaking Meditation App Designed to Help People

Declutter The Mind Launches Groundbreaking Meditation App Designed to Help People

Offering a Free Mindfulness Courses to Help

Maintain Inner Peace During These Uncertain Times

Right now, 1.5 billion people across the globe are ordered to stay at home in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. With new federal and state lockdowns and a daily increase in COVID19 cases, anxiety is a real thing for all Americans. With 284 million people already suffering with anxiety globally, Declutter the Mind is combating the challenge head on by introducing a revolutionary new meditation app designed to ease people’s anxiety during this pandemic. Meditation has been proven to help reduce anxiety and stress as well as improve sleep and ease tension. Even in these trying times, meditation can deliver much needed relief.

If trying meditation seems overwhelming or you’re unsure how it works, don’t worry! Declutter the Mind app delivers very easy-to-follow guided meditation options that have been winning praises from users for its effectiveness. Their 30-day mindfulness course which is designed for beginners and meditation novices, will provide unique daily practices the user can learn. The course is aimed at boosting true happiness and will help the user practice mindfulness, learn how to meditate, form the habit, and then further deepen their practice. Plus, they offer countless other free mediation courses of individual guided meditation practices including ones for anxiety, stress, and sleep

“Meditation can be magical for the overworked, over stressed, or for those whose brain is just wracked with worry,” Corey Ferreira, Cofounder of Declutter The Mind. “It also can deliver huge benefits for a person not facing these challenges but would still like to optimize how their mind is working. We recommend exploring ‘Declutter The Mind’ and trying out our guided meditations for anxiety, stress, and sleep. Declutter The Mind also has an emergency meditation that you can jump into quickly when you need it; which is more important now as we are living through a pandemic, than any other time in recent modern history.”

You can download the app on Apple App Store and Google Play. For more information and to download be sure to visit

About Declutter The Mind

Declutter The Mind is a meditation app that demystifies meditation, unlocks the benefits of a regular practice, and helps you form the practice through an ever growing free library of guided meditation. You’ll find everything from Vipassana to Loving-Kindness, mediation tactics that are designed to help improve mental health, reduce anxiety, help you sleep, and more.

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