Survey Reveals Only 53% of Companies Cover the Cost of Home Office Supplies for Remote Workers

Procurify, a Vancouver-based spend management platform, announced today that it will award home office upgrades to workers whose offices have been shuttered during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The giveaway was announced in a video featuring Procurify's CEO, Aman Mann, in a full-body sloth suit. The contest was inspired by a recent survey conducted by Procurify in which 47% of respondents reported that their companies do not cover the cost of supplies that would make them more effective.

Regarding the giveaway, Aman Mann said, "This is a stressful time for most people. Our hope is that, in our own small way, we can help alleviate some of that stress and bring a little joy into people's lives by helping them to transition into a comfortable new work setting. We are also tremendously appreciative of our frontline workers, and will be making a donation to"

Many people are working in improvised spaces. The items that survey

respondents indicated would make the biggest impact on their home office included:

A standing desk 18.00% An ergonomic chair 15.67% A new computer monitor 14.67% Headphones 11.50% A laptop stand 9.00% A wireless keyboard and mouse 7.00% A Keurig coffee maker 6.00% A yoga mat and ball 4.67% A high-end water bottle 2.00%

Office workers displaced by coronavirus are invited to submit a photo of their improvised home office setup and select their items of choice by entering Procurify's Boost your workspace contest at

Daily winners will be announced at noon Pacific Time on Facebook and will receive

prizes from their wish list ranging from $150 to $400 in value. One grand prize winner, to be announced on April 27, will receive a consultation with interior designer Jeanette Patterson of Mindful Living by Design, and a home office package designed specifically for them worth up to $2,500.

For every entry received, Procurify will donate $10 to Conquer COVID-19, a charity bringing protective gear to frontline healthcare workers, up to $2,500.

About Procurify

Procurify is spend management software that helps companies control expenditures and manage efficient procurement and purchasing workflows. Procurify streamlines approvals, tracks purchases, and provides valuable purchasing insights. To help organizations get the cost control they need during these challenging times, Procurify has launched special pricing.

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