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Meet the Loyalty Shopper App Doing Good in the World and Helping You Save Money on Your Next Grocery

Meet the Loyalty Shopper App Doing Good in the World and Helping You Save Money on Your Next Grocery Trip

As the nation starts to come out of quarantine, researchers are just beginning to study the shift in consumer spending habits, especially those focused on food and nutrition. One recent survey suggests that more people are preparing at-home meals and relying less on takeout and delivery options than before the pandemic.

When people eat at home and cook for themselves, they are more aware of what they put into their bodies, and they’re not alone in their decision-making with the app that’s helping them make smarter choices. Makeena is the shopping app connecting health-conscious and eco-friendly consumers with affordable options so they can better their lifestyles.

The brand name, meaning happiness in Swahili and abundance in Hawiaiian, also strives to be a better business model in the process. With the positive world outlook that the app generates, Co-Founder, CEO and Board Chair Karen Frame believes that Makeena is taking on a whole new definition—one of empowerment.

Makeena is a Certified B Corporation, or a socially responsible business. With the belief that small choices impact the world in a big way, the company proudly gives back to environmental nonprofits as a member of 1% for the Planet and partners with other conscious companies.

Aside from promoting these practices, Makeena addresses the money concern people have as they enter the “new normal” phase. The free downloadable loyalty app takes some of the pain off of your wallet as you earn cash back and rewards after purchasing healthy and eco-friendly products at any retailer, even online. Simply use the app to scan the barcodes of your products and redeem eligible offers and rewards through your account.

According to Frame, the challenge is that we often don’t know where to start to improve our health or do better by the planet. She explains how the app is a convenient go-to resource.

“One of the best things you can do is spend time reading about brands and products before you buy,“ she said. “The beauty of Makeena is that we don’t just give you rewards for products, we help you learn more about each brand.”

As the company is passionate about making the world a better place, it also encourages other ways consumers can research brands and areas of interest such as gluten free, non-GMO, organic, sustainable farming, eco-friendly building and others.

“From ingredients, to the ability to connect with their newsletters and social media, we want you to become informed about each brand and how they can help you live a more sustainable, eco-friendly and healthful life,” Frame said.

Five Shopping Tips from Makeena to Help You Save Money

Makeena recognizes that app features are only a portion of what it takes to become a smart and savvy shopper. Wanting all consumers to thrive, here are five money-saving habits to follow:

1. Make a plan! Plan out the meals you are going to make for the week, including snacks, and don’t forget to list out what ingredients you’ll need.

2. Look for rebates and coupons around the items that are on your list. Choose which stores or brands you will purchase from based upon who has the best incentives for the week. Remember, sometimes a special purchase of extra quantity isn’t really a good deal if you won't or don't wind up using all the product.

3. Always check the “soon to expire” or damaged section of your market for additional savings. Often slightly damaged packages or blemished food which is perfectly good to consume, is greatly discounted. If you are cutting things up or putting them into a recipe, does it matter what these imperfect goods look like?

4. Don’t give up. If there is a special or reward on a product where you shop and the item is sold out, always ask for a rain check so you can take advantage of the promotion later on.

5. Use Makeena for extra savings! No matter where you shop, always remember to scan your barcodes and submit your receipt to Makeena.

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