Recently, news groups and social media posts have amplified a 2015 PETA exposé of several coconut farmers in Thailand who capture and train monkeys to assist with their coconut harvest, subjecting the animals to cruel conditions. Understandably horrified by these reports, several customers have asked if coconut milk sold under Edward & Sons’ brands (Native Forest, Let’s Do Organic, More Than Fair) may have been made from coconuts picked by monkeys. The answer is an unequivocal NO.

Although some media and special interest groups would like you to believe monkey harvesting is widespread throughout Thailand, this old-world method is only practiced by a small minority of coconut farmers in the present day, none of whom are suppliers to Edward & Sons.

Edward & Sons is committed to ethical treatment of people and animals. Neither we nor our suppliers use monkeys for picking coconuts, or for any other purpose. Coconuts are picked from tall trees by human workers using sharp saws or sickles attached to very long poles. Our customers may rely upon the fact that all coconuts used in our products are sustainably sourced and ethically harvested. All work to plant, care for, harvest and process Edward & Sons food products is performed by human professionals, who are fairly paid for their labor.

Joel Dee

Founder & CEO

Edward & Sons

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