Coronavirus Knocked Out By Karate Dojo

Central NY Karate Dojo Pivots To Zoom and Outdoor Classes, Suspends Contact Sparring

FAYETTEVILLE, NY. – While gyms, yoga studios and all indoor exercise facilities are feeling the deep impact of closures due to the Coronavirus, a karate dojo has reopened and pivoted to both the “online and outdoor environments” to ensure new and current students can continue to study, train and practice this age-old martial art.

Lawrence World Class Karate, a traditional Karate Dojo located in Fayetteville, Central New York, has begun providing karate classes via Zoom. Hanshi Rande Lawrence, chief instructor at Lawrence World Class Karate explains, “I would not let the Coronavirus get the better of us! When faced with adversity, Karate teaches us to think on our feet, assess risks, and make responsible decisions. The Coronavirus and our approach to it is no different. We closed our physical facility to comply with State requirements and we opened electronically via Zoom to ensure we could accept new students irrespective of their location and skill level and continue to teach our current ones.”

Hanshi Lawrence recently started holding outdoor training sessions at both public parks and student’s houses. “The outdoor environment is perfect for teaching Kubudo (weapon systems) and Kata (choreographed set pattern of movements). Face masks and social distancing are strictly enforced. We have suspended Kumite, or hand-to-hand combat, one of the core components of karate training and testing until further notice. All students have been very receptive to all the changes.”

Recently in Beard Park, Fayetteville, Lawrence World Class Karate held a two-hour test of orange belts to determine their readiness for their purple belt. “This was the first time we held a karate test outdoors and it was a fantastic experience for all. Being outdoors to train and learn karate provides a great way to destress as a result of the pandemic,” concludes Hanshi Lawrence.

For more information about Lawrence World Class Karate please call: 315-446-2311

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